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FindtheDivine LLC owns and operates two web sites to help the seeker and provider of the retreat experience to find each other using Internet technology. The purpose of this site is to announce our plans to open a retreat center within an hour of Washington DC to house our operation and offer contemplative retreats to all faith traditions.

Our Vision

A complete Business Plan will be available soon for all those interested in learning more. In the mean time a few highlights follow:

Spirituality - Our Center will be Interfaith, rooted in the Christian tradition. It will be a haven of peace and silence, focusing on the contemplative dimension of all faiths. It will emphasize the common traits of religions, while using physical, mental and spiritual balance in prayer.

Location - The ideal location would be in a rural setting within an hour and half of two large metropolitan areas including Washington DC. The location would include some land (20 acres at a minimum) and would be near nature's gifts (mountains, lake, sea, forest etc.).

Services - FindtheDivine LLC will provide space for groups to conduct their own retreats as well as sponsor retreats on their own. The center can be utilized by individuals and groups to find silence in a holy environment away from the hectic pace of their lives. There will be spiritual direction, prayer schedules, a library of spiritual readings and Interfaith forums and discussions. FindtheDivine LLC will continue to operate their popular websites from this location.

Facilities - The facilities should be able to house an overnight group in the range of 25-50 people. There should be a conference room for about 80 and 2 small rooms for spiritual direction. A large kitchen, dining room and appropriate bathroom facilities are required. The zoning should allow the building (if necessary) of a second building to accommodate the overnight stay of about 20 guests. FindtheDivine LLC will need a small office and Internet access to manage its web sites.

Markets - The following groups will utilize the retreat center: churches, places of faith, spiritual organizations, ecumenical councils, religious youth and prayer groups. FindtheDivine LLC will work with other monasteries and retreat locations to provide space for overflow groups. Marketing will be done primarily through the Internet with www.findthedivine.com, and alliances with ecumenical and Interfaith groups.

Participation - FindtheDivine LLC will be looking for investors of time, money, facilities and prayer as we move forward. We are looking for those who share our vision and wish to be a part of this effort. We are looking for active and passive participants to make this vision a reality. Our Board of Directors will be created from the pool of those who are most interested. For more information.

Organization - The organization of FindtheDivine will be modified soon. It is currntly an Limited Liability Corporation and will apply for non-profit status.


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